New & Expectant Parents

One of the objectives of DSANI is to provide current information and support to parents as soon as their child is diagnosed. While we do not claim to be experts ourselves, we hope to help you sift through the wealth of information available, and find the most up-to-date and educational. Below are links to websites that provide insight and direction to some issues that you may be facing.

Through our Outreach Program, we offer “Expectant Parent Packets” and “New Parent Packets” of resource materials to new parents receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child. These materials are available upon request and through referrals from area hospitals. If you would like to request an Expectant or New Parent Packet, please print and complete this form or contact DSANI at 260-471-9964 or

Some of the materials in the packet include:

  • “Nursing Your Baby with Down Syndrome” This booklet explains how this can effect breastfeeding, and gives suggestions on positions, techniques, and aids that may be useful. It can also be ordered in bulk here.

  • Woodbine House catalog of books on Down syndrome A publishing house for books on disabilities for parents, children, and professionals.

  • “First Steps Early Intervention Services: Here is How to Get Help” A brochure from the Family & Social Services Administration (FSSA) to help families in Indiana get the help that is available to them for a child that is developmentally delayed or disabled. Click here for more information.

Free Year of DSANI Membership

Parents of children with Down syndrome can receive their first year of membership to DSANI at no cost. Following the first year of membership, the renewal fee is $20 annually.

Your DSANI Membership will provide you with the opportunity to participate in the following:

  • Special Events – DSANI Tin Caps Game, Zoo Outing, and more coming every year!

  • Annual Holiday Party

  • Infant – Toddler Playgroup (Birth to age 4)

  • Buddy Club Activites (ages 5-12)

  • Friendship Club Activities (ages 13-21)

  • Self Advocate Activities (ages 22 and older)

  • Camp Red Cedar

  • Educational Seminars

Prenatal Testing

The decision whether or not to test for Down syndrome during pregnancy involves many issues: What is the likelihood that my baby will have Down syndrome? What are the risks of testing to me and my baby? What are the benefits, if any, to testing?

Down syndrome: Health Issues by Len Leshin, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Explains prenatal screening and diagnostic tests offered, and some of the risks and interpretation of the results. Click here for more information.

We recommend the following websites for additional information on new parenting issues: