Advocacy involves actions taken by concerned citizens to demonstrate their support for an issue. In the case of Down syndrome advocacy, these issues are usually related to healthcare and research, education, economic self-sufficiency and employment and integration into the community. It is important that advocates for the Down syndrome community engage with federal, state and local government and make their voices heard.


Ways to Participate

DSANI’s Advocacy Committee

DSANI’s Advocacy committee consists of individuals from our board as well as regular DSANI members. The committee meets quarterly to discuss advocacy efforts which are important to DSANI families. Meetings vary in structure and content and can sometimes be pretty informal such as meeting over coffee at a local coffee shop.

Find Your Legislators

Communicating with your legislators doesn’t have to be scary or complex. Your legislators are moms, dads, sons and daughters just like you. They can usually relate and always like to hear from their constituents. It’s important that they hear our stories and concerns on topics which are important to you and your loved ones. Quick and simple ways to contact legislators are e-mail, phone calls and personal letters. Click here for an example of a letter/e-mail.
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How A Bill Becomes A Law

Advocacy from DSANI Partners and Affiliates

National Down Syndrome Society

National Association for Down Syndrome Society